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Are you a little New Yorker? I’m sure you are! You probably rode the subway hundreds of times and know all the tricks on how not to get lost in the maze that are our subway stations. I’m sure you don’t even blink at the super loud sirens of the many ambulances or fire trucks …after all, that’s just our city soundtrack.

Or maybe you have never been to New York , but you know “the Big Apple” through movies, cartoons and comics (…Spiderman anyone? )

Anyway, you probably know what the Statue of Liberty or the Brooklyn Bridge look like (and that it’s better not to eat a Hot Dog from a street vendor..?)

Well you get my point kid…

But there are some things that maybe you still don’t know…

All the attractions that make New York so special, have usually not very well known stories behind the facade ,very interesting and sometimes adventurous ones .

I’m here to share them with you.

What d you say? Are you ready to take my hand and begin an adventure in this big city?

The Virtual Walks in New York

The Virtual Walks in New York will take place Live on Zoom. The event will last one hour: 30 minutes for the presentation with pictures and videos related to the subject and the rest of the time I will open the microphones for Q&A and discussion.
To access the event please purchase the ticket on Eventbrite and you will receive an email with the link and password to access to Zoom.
These Virtual Walks in New York are educational and fun for kids but they are also available for adults, please contact me for questions or requests.

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