About Me

Why did I become a tour guide? Well,  I’m not from New York ( or any other place in the US for that matter) I came here few years ago from Florence, Italy as tourist myself and then fell in love with this vibrant city (and not only the city…)  and decided to stay.

I was struck also by the amazing architecture, I’m very passionate about Art Deco and New York is the “Mecca” of this exciting and elegant style . I discovered then so many more aspect to this city that I used to know and that usually people who don’t live here , really know. Here i found the inspiration to follow my creativity and I designed a line of accessories for children and room decor and open my own internet based company , AnHandmade Designs.

I was always very creative , but never thought to develop my passion into a real business. New York gave me a special energy and helped me believe in myself and my potential.

A little over two years ago I felt the need to share all my knowledge about New York as an “insider” who also still has a tourist point of you, so that people that are visiting the city can appreciate a little bit more of the “real” Big Apple and the incredible energy that it transmits through its people. So I decided to become a New York City Licensed Sightseeing Guide and start this new adventure.

Tesserino di Guida Turistica autorizzata per la città di New York

I’m convinced that there isn’t a tour more interesting than another, there isn’t a “One Fits All” solution. Each one of us has different interests and needs , therefore a tailored itinerary is always the best option. Your unforgettable journey in NYC starts from here…

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