Dyker Heights, a “Christmas Spectacular” neighborhood !

If Christmas is the time of the year that you are impatiently waiting all year long to decorate  your home with lights ,tinsel and so much more ;if you start smelling cinnamon and singing Christmas songs already in November and by Thanksgiving your Santa’s list is already finished…well..this is the Tour for you!

This Brooklyn neighborhood with strong iItalian origin, is the most decorated place in all New York during the Holidays! They started in the ’80s with only few decorations and nowadays they have to hire professional Decoration Companies to  be able to cover their homes in hundreds of lights and characters, in some cases with really sophisticated designs, creating a competition ( always healthy!)between homes and streets.

The meeting point will be Union Square ( in front of Whole Food). From here we will take the subway and ride to this neighborhood in Brooklyn that one time was considered one of the best places to live in NY, thanks to the healthy ocean air, the beach and the wonderful view of the Verrazano Bridge, New Jersey and Staten Island. We will walk along the über decorated streets admiring all the designs and to meet also few of the home owners who often are outside to welcome the visitors ( and sometimes to eve offer hot chocolate..).

3 hours tour: $210