Street Art Walk in the Lower East Side and East Village

In New York City you can breath art everywhere; not only in the numerous museums that characterize the city, but also under our feet in the subway stations, in cafes or restaurants and most of all, in the street! Even though this form of Street Art or Grafiti ( the difference lies in the execution ) has been with human beings since their existence, in the past few years has literally exploded.  We know, NYC is the mecca of street art and we can find it in the many city corners, although it  preferes to concentrate in specific neighborhoods, where we can admire the so many artists, who nowadays, thanks also to the social networks, have become very popular.

Two of these neighborhoods are the Lower East Side and the East Village. These two are practically attached, divided only by Houston Street and have a very interesting past, transforming so many times .  From an Orchard, property of wealthy families, to the very centre of NYC immigration at the end of ‘800 and beginning of ‘900; from “sketchy” neighborhood in the ’70s and ’80s to one of the most desirable areas of these days.

Let’s have a walk together and discover the history and the amazing art that characterize these neighborhoods while we have fun taking stunning pictures for our Instagram feed!