The Gift of New York ( gifts cards options)

How many times did we find ourselves trying to think of the perfect present for our friends,family members or our “better half” during Christmas time or for a birthday or anniversary. So often the so called “material present” it doesn’t seem enough to express the love or the importance that we wish to transmit through our gift. So, what’s better then the gift of an experience to share in  a couple or with family or friends? Something that will last for long time in their hearts and memory. Give the gift of New York! One of the most exciting cities in the World and I’m sure that your loved ones will remember  this experience for long time.

These are the options for the length of the tours, even though it’s always possible to custom design the itinerary and experience on your needs.

3 hours tour: $210 Half a day tour (4 hours): $270 Full day tour (8 hours): $500


**The prices are for the  tour per groups up to 6 people. For larger groups please contact me for a different pricing.

Thank you