Bushwick Street Art + Williamsburg , Brooklyn.

Do you love Street art or maybe just art in general? In this case Bushwick is perfect for you!  This neighborhood of Brooklyn is like an “open air” museum where, block after block, you can appreciate murales, knit-bombing pieces, small sculptures and grafiti. This is truly a special place, born during a very difficult period for this area, an industrial zone where you can still find manufacturers, warehouses but also small shops and residential buildings. Just in few years it has been invaded by a myriad of colors and transformed in a Mecca for artists and young people who nowadays can find many restaurants, bars and places to meet and hang out.

Let’s discover it together! We will take the Subway L from union Square and travel for about 20 minutes to arrive to this incredible neighborhood where you will also have the chance to take many “instagramable” pictures.

After a nice walk we will take the L line again, to stop in Williamsburg, another neighborhood of Brooklyn that changed incredibly during these past 15-20 years, turning into one of the coolest hoods of NYC!   Chosen by artists, designers ,photographers who picked this pace for their studios.  During our walk we will learn the history of Williamsburg but also look at the many small shops ( many of them sell handmade objects produced in Brooklyn)  many restaurants , pastry shops and bars that become more alive at night.

We will also visit the newly finished Domino Park, that was created along the East River and from where we can enjoy the stunning view of the Skyline of Manhattan.

From here is possible to travel back to Manhattan with the L line ( one stop to Manhattan) or you might decide to take advantage of the East River Ferry that, with only $2.75 ,will take you to various stops in Manhattan  during a panoramic ride along the river.

This is a 4 hours tour.